Small Businesses that use Self Storage


So which small businesses are using Self Storage

On the face of it Self Storage facilities; with rows and rows of units, doors and shutters painted uniformly, with dangling padlocks, spanning several floors may seem like a desolate space, with people’s personal belongings safely tucked away. But in fact, the units come alive during the day and the number of small businesses using our self storage units as a base is on the rise.

It varies from month to month but currently there are more domestic users, who are using the units while renovating, moving, travelling or storing the contents of a deceased relative.  However, the number of small business users is on the rise, and increasingly more units are being used by small and medium sized businesses.

Small Businesses Who are Benefitting from Self Storage

Tradesmen account for the largest number of our small business users.  They tend to use the storage space to store stock, tools and heavy equipment which they don’t necessarily need to use every day of the week. Also we have many companies who use as an additional storage facility when they have overflow stock.

No Business Rates

Our tenants do not have to pay Business Rates or tie themselves into lengthy contracts and therefore Self Storage is  a much more cost effective way of  having your own business premises. Also the number of online retailers continues to grow steadily year after year and is set to increase again this year. For a number of reasons some have decided against retail space and focus entirely online, possibly due to the ever increasing high street rents and business rates.

It’s fascinating what our Self Storage units are being used from bouncy castle storage and hot air balloons to market traders and seed merchants.

If you need business storage or if you are a local tradesman who wants somewhere to store your van and its contents as well as overflow stock and tools then please get in contact with us.