Motorbike Storage / Winterized Storage

Here at Goddard’s we understand that customers care about their motorbikes and with thefts on the increase we know that you will want somewhere secure for your bike.

With our 24/7 CCTV we can ensure they are safe and secure. We now have on site, a multi-compartment 40ft container subdivided into smaller compartments, each equipped with its own high security personnel door for access.

The doors are prefabricated high security personnel doors and equipped with multi-lever security locks and anti-jemmey flanges. They are not only smart and easy to operate, but also very secure. These are ideal for storage of motorbikes.

Whether you are looking for winterized or permanent motorcylce storage, these brand new containers are exactly what you are looking for - safe, secure and most importantly affordable.

From just £10 a week one of these containers can be yours.