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Tool theft in the UK has rocketed by over 30 per cent in the last full year to April according to this article


with tradespeople in Yorkshire and the Midlands particularly at risk.  Interestingly, Northampton is the fourth highest location for theft.

Your van and tools are the backbone of your business.  If you lose them through theft you’ll be you’ll be out of business until you can borrow or buy replacements.

That does not take into consideration the loss of earnings whilst your van is being repaired and your tools are being replaced – if they are insured!  The 30.5 per cent rise in the number of thefts, coupled with a 40 per cent growth in the average value of claims, now highlights a worrying trend for the UK’s tradespeople.

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Top 5 tips for keeping your tools safe if you need your van over Christmas

1. Cheaply upgrade the security on your van

You don’t have to secure your van like Fort Knox if it’s going to cost as much as a bar of gold to achieve it. Indeed, there are plenty of simple and affordable measures that you can take to help boost your van’s security.

There are heavy-duty steering wheel locks and hand brake locks, lockable fuel filler caps and locking wheel nuts are all relatively cheap ways to deter opportunistic thieves. It might seem like a cheap option, but adding stickers warning that tools aren’t left in the vehicle overnight are worth considering

2. Fit steel window grilles

A common way thieves break in is through the windows, as this is a weak spot on the vehicle. However, by installing steel window grills, you can stop the thieves from cutting through the window seal and removing the glass to get inside the vehicle.

Window grilles are tailored to the specific make and model of your van and are a proven visual deterrent against thieves, as immediately your van is not seen as an easy target. Most grilles are made from coated steel and are easy to fit, with prices starting from £60. Find a grille to suit your car make and model

3. Install both internal and external locks

Consider investing in both internal and external locks for your doors as opposed to just using the central locking, consider looking at slamlocks or Armaplates for added security.

4. Don’t forget the catalytic convertor

It’s vital to protect the contents of your van, but try not to forget that there are other parts of your van that are valuable to thieves. Catalytic converters are attractive to thieves because of the precious metals that are contained within them, and this kind of theft is on the rise as a result.

Vans and high-riding pick-up trucks are particularly vulnerable to attack, because their added ground clearance means the catalytic converter is easier to get to. Thankfully, there are firms that offer anti-theft devices for catalysers, and it’s well worth having one installed on your van.

5. Keep a record of what’s in your van

It’s useful to keep an inventory of what you actually carry in your van, should the worst happen. And if you have expensive items in your van, then it would be worthwhile retaining the receipts in case you need to make an insurance claim and need to prove the item was included. It’s also worth marking valuable equipment using a watermark-style system that registers valuables on a central database.